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Our Firm is always ready to provide you with the best legal service that you deserve. First, let me take this special opportunity to acquaint you to the six corporate dictums that sets Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants from other legal service providers in the UAE. In all the things we do, it is our primary objective to strengthen what makes us successful, to discourage the things that hinder our progress and to make a clear statement about our Identity. We believe that these moral standards can only make a difference if they are shared, believed in and practiced. Our Firm upholds these values in everything we do – these are our guides in how we do our work, in our decision-making process and in the way we interact with people.

Excellence in Everyone and Everything

You can expect no less than excellence and distinction in the way we deliver our legal services. Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants is experienced and competent in handling all legal matters and requirements that its clients needs. Everyone who gets in contact with us – our Team, our Clients and our Business Partners – can attest to this. The Firm dispenses technical excellence and value beyond it; ensures that our work, processes and service delivery are consistent with the highest quality; demand and discern with ourselves and with others as well as being open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements.

Dedication to Our Clients

The Firm’s greatest asset is its clients. Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants is totally committed in serving our clients and providing them with the best legal service available in the UAE. We practice proactive relationship with our clients, anticipating their needs and providing solutions which are timely, clear and pragmatic. The key to this success is how we manage our relationships with our clients. We always make sure that our clients are at ease working with us as we always take pleasure in working with them. Moreover, we make sure that we know our clients backgrounds to effectively represent them in the courts, understand & care about our clients’ business or personal requirements and provide them with the best legal advice and options available. We also help our clients to develop & map their business or personal goals in able to succeed as well as shape & manage their expectations according to the full extent of the law. The Firm builds its relationships with its clients based on openness, trust, mutual respect and integrity.

Helping our People to Achieve their Potential

Our Team strives for excellence. The firm creates a challenging environment where our Team can excel, nurture their talents, bring out their best qualities and achieve their greatest potential. The Firm gives guidance and trainings to enable its Team to properly and efficiently execute their jobs as well as offer equal opportunities to develop their individual careers. The Firm also maintains an open policy in sharing knowledge & ideas as well as learning different culture & traditions. At Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants, we help each other grow and reach our maximum potential. 

Respect and Fair Treatment

We believe in the Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. That is why Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants takes strong belief in the virtue of respecting each and every individual. The Firm also believes in embracing diversity in terms of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin and disability. As a legal practitioner, the Firm has mastered the art of being a good listener and therefore place high value in other people’s opinions and beliefs. The Firm is also a great advocate of giving courtesy to others and encourages everybody to have a strong sense of belonging. Moreover, the Firm values the welfare of others, promotes healthy lifestyle to its Team and encourages them to participate & support community activities. In the interest of common good, Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants make itself as an example to the society.

Working Together as One Firm

Collaboration is the key. This means that everyone takes responsibility in accomplishing individual and group tasks as well as identifying problems and solving it. The Firm ensures that there is always good team spirit and encourages open communication within the group at all times. The office environment is made to look and feel like a second home where everyone can do their job with ease and excellence. Another strong point of the Firm is its support group and camaraderie where everyone can depend on helping each other to achieve common goals and share in the Firm’s success. This kind of teamwork is very important to the Firm in order to carry out its function. Above all, this discipline is essential to the Firm’s primary objective in making sure that all its clients are given utmost assistance and priority all the time. This is how the Firm works.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Energy

The Firm takes pride in its achievements, honor in upholding the law and humility in representing its clients. These are the driving forces that keep the Firm moving forward. Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants’ corporate credo are: to stay on the leading edge of legal practice by means of innovative and forward-thinking lawful perspective and to strive further in being the best in its league by providing exceptional legal service. This the Firm does by providing its Team with high morale, team spirit and energy to accomplish its corporate objectives. In return, the Team moves as one in taking initiative and responsibility in exercising and executing the Firm’s work. 

I hope that the above information has given you an in-depth overview of Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants’ experience and expertise. It will be my pleasure to work with you and provide you with the best legal services you deserve. Moreover, I am looking forward to a meaningful and productive business relationship with you.

Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants is on your side and together we can make things right.

Best Regards,
Yaqoob Q. Shahin
Chairman/ Founder,
Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants

Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants was founded by Mr. Yaqoob Q. Shahin. His scholastic credentials include the Majestair Degree in the Juridical Sciences and a Degree from the Bolice Sciences Academy in Law Sciences. After his graduation, he served as an Army General in the UAE for 5 years and started working as a full time Lawyer and Advocate. He is an authorized representative in all UAE Court Degrees including the High Court and Cassation Courts.

Professional Overview:
As the Chairman and Founder of Dubai Advocates & Legal Consultants, Mr. Yaqoob Q. Shahin epitomizes the corporate values that the Firm upholds and has been the greatest example to its Team. Having the army experience, it is the Chairman’s professional practice to be always on time in his work, takes responsibility of the Firm as a whole and exudes nonjudgmental and objectivity in running the Firm. He place high reverence to humanity and a firm advocate of human rights and justice. 


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